K 1600 GTL

Typ Šestiválcový čtyřtaktní motor s olejovým a vodním chlazením, čtyři ventily na válec
Vrtání x zdvih 72 mm x 67,5 mm
Zdvihový objem 1 649 ccm
Nominální výkon 118 kw při 7.750 ot./min
Největší točivý moment 175 Nm při 5.250 ot./min
Kompresní poměr 12,2:1
Úprava paliva / Systém řízení motoru Elektronické vstřikování, digitální elektronika motoru (BMS-X)
Čištění spalin Řízený třícestný katalyzátor, emisní norma EU-4
Jízdní vlastnosti / Spotřeba paliva
Největší rychlost Nad 200 km/h
Spotřeba paliva na 100 km při konst. 90 km/h 4,6 l
Spotřeba paliva na 100 km při konst. 120 km/h 5,9 l
Typ paliva Bezolovnatý benzín 95 (ROZ)
Elektrické systémy
Alternátor 700 W
Baterie 12V / 19 Ah bezúdržbová
Přenos energie
Spojka Mokrá vícekotoučová
Převodovka Šestistupňová spárová s šikmým ozubením
Pohon Kardan
Podvozek / brzdy
Rám Hliníkový můstkový rám, spolunesoucí motor
Vedení předního kola / odpružení BMW Motorrad Duolever; centrální pružicí jednotka
Vedení zadního kola / odpružení BMW Motorrad Paralever
Dráha pružiny vpředu / vzadu 125mm /135 mm
Rozvor kol 1 680 mm
Závlek 106,4 mm
Rejdový úhel hlavy 62.2°
Kola Hliníkovo-litinová kola
Rozměr ráfků vpředu 3,50 x 17"
Rozměr ráfků vzadu 6.00 x 17"
Pneumatiky vpředu 120/70 ZR 17
Pneumatiky vzadu 190/55 ZR 17
Brzdy vpředu Dvoukotoučové brzdy, průměr 320 mm, čtyřpístové pevné třmeny
Brzdy vzadu Jednokotoučové brzdy, průměr 320 mm, dvoupístové pevné sedlo
ABS V sérii: BMW Motorrad Integral ABS (částečně integrální)
Rozměry / hmotnost
Délka 2 489mm
Šířka (nad zrcátkem) 1 000 mm
Výška (bez zrcátek) 1 465 mm
Výška sedadla při hmotnosti prázdného vozidla GTL 750 mm (vysoké sedlo 780 mm)
Délka podsedlového rámu při hmotnosti prázdného vozidla GTL 1 720 mm (vysoké sedlo 1 770 mm)
Hmotnost prázdného vozidla, připraveno k jízdě, plně natankováno 1) 348 kg
Suchá váha 2) 321 kg
Celková přípustná hmotnost 560 kg
Užitečná nosnost (u sériové výbavy) 212 kg
Využitelný obsah nádrže 26,5 l
z toho rezerva 4 l

Technické údaje se vztahují k hmotnosti prázdného vozidla dle DIN
1) Dle směrnice 93/93/EHS se všemi provozními kapalinami,
natankováno s minim. 90 % využitelným obsahem nádrže
2) Hmotnost prázdného vozidla bez provozních kapalin

Kontaktní osoba: Pavel Sýkora | Tel.: +420 606 785 470

Luxury travel. First-class arrival.

Ride on. And on and on. Glide towards the horizon in style and elegance on this luxurious high-performance touring bike. The new BMW K 1600 GTL is the pinnacle of high quality and sheer comfort, boasting the legendary six-cylinder inline engine. Now standard equipped with the latest generation of Dynamic ESA and ABS Pro. The new redesigned panels reinforce its elegant appearance. Stay calm and collected in any weather condition and at any distance. On your own or with a passenger: enjoy effortless steering on all your trips. Travelling with the K 1600 GTL is a unique experience – stylish, powerful, luxurious – the first class awaits you on two wheels.

The design: perfection.

The K 1600 GTL design has received a first-class upgrade. The newly designed side panels, radiator grilles, tank trim and storage compartment make it look even more elegant. Enhancing details like the footrests has helped put the final touches on its exquisite look. Distinctive elements such as Duolever front wheel suspension, the highly visible straight-six engine, the innovative Xenon headlight and the chassis remain pioneers of style. Together with the redesigned front section, including mirror and windscreen, a uniquely elegant and dynamic line management has been achieved. The three premium varnishes add an exclusive character to your bike.
This luxurious, comprehensive package does not only boast a first-class design, it is also an enticingly engaging ride for the roads ahead.

Superior 6-cylinder engine.

A first-class engine: the legendary six-cylinder inline engine offers an unparalleled smooth ride and the most outstanding riding performance in the luxury tour sector. Its 118 kW (160 hp) output and maximum torque of 175 Nm at 5250 rpm supplies the perfect dynamic thrust forward. And 70 % of the torque are already achieved at 1500 rpm.
The standard equipped Dynamic ESA adds a new dimension to your riding experience. Within milliseconds, the highly-sensitive sensor box detects riding conditions and regulates the damper in the suspension. This guarantees the ideal damper settings in any riding situation. Even at an incline, levels of damping comfort that were previously unimaginable have now been achieved, resulting in an extremely steady ride. The K 1600 GTL now comes standard equipped with a total of three riding modes and DTC. Switch between the Rain, Road and Dynamic riding modes at the simple touch of a button. Select Dynamic mode, for example, for a fast and active riding performance.
An obstacle that suddenly appears can cause any rider to brake on reflex. The standard equipped ABS Pro guarantees safe braking even on inclines, and allows riders to keep control of the motorcycle in tricky situations.
The bike with never-ending features – luxurious equipment as standard.

Have a seat and relax.

The K 1600 GTL also offers unprecedented comfort. Its enticing features include an enormous amount of space and excellent accessibility. Carefully thought-out and easily accessible storage space solutions focus on the comfort of the rider, making the K 1600 GTL an uncompromising choice in touring quality. Riding with a partner on a long journey is a true pleasure thanks to a variety of detailed solutions such as central locking, heated seat, an electrically adjustable windscreen and a range of seat heights.

The multi-controller handling concept is essential, allowing riders to switch functions comfortably without removing their hands from the handlebars or their eyes from the road.

Nothing can stop you on your relaxed ride on the K 1600 GTL toward new horizons.

Refined luxury.

More luxury, more safety, more comfort, more elegance. Thanks to the comprehensive selection of optional equipment and accessories, you are able to individualize your K 1600 GTL at a first class level.
A luxury highlight: the reversing aid for easy manoeuvring and parking in sloped terrain – the crown jewel of travelling comfort.
High-quality chrome components feature unmistakable luxury. The additional bumper guards offer stylish protection for the K 1600 GTL. The high power sports silencer from Akrapovič provides a refined experience for this performance touring motorcycle, even for sport riding.
Increased security comes with the adaptive headlight and optional ECALL system ("intelligent emergency call") from BMW – a world first in motorcycle engineering. Hill start control adds even more performance security and superiority, making your next ride into the mountains an effortless success.
The keyless ride feature, central locking at a touch of a button and front speakers make for a comfortable ride. The Shift Assistant Pro offers even more enjoyable and dynamic up- and downshifting.
Optional luggage solutions like a topcase, the tank bag and the touring case provide you with ample additional storage room. So you don't have to leave anything behind on your big tour.

Just climb on, relax and enjoy the ride: that's luxury travel with the K 1600 GTL.

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